Monday, January 29, 2007

Beastbox Beatbox

processing java applet, march 2004, jim soliven

600 x 520 applet

I've always been fascinated with making music. I have a special love of making synthesizer music. I've loved making them eversince I bought my Yamaha RY-30 drum machine. My interest in synth music is pretty old school. I support hardware synthesizers and have never used softsynths. Due to cramp living conditions, I think I might make the move.

Beastbox beatbox is a multi-threaded java application I wrote in 2004 to explore new interfaces in creating music. The applet is a CPU hog due to 8 threads running simultaneously and you need a fairly beefy machine.

I recently found this applet while cleaning up my files and this is one of my favorite creations. The applet was part of a bigger suite of applications that I wrote to explore new ways in creating music. Those other applications were lost when my server crashed.

One day I will probably revisit this interest in creating new instruments using software. Hope you enjoy.

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