Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hey Good Looking


Hey Good Looking!

processing java application, october 2008, jim soliven

"Hey Good Looking!" is a revamp of an earlier sketch that I gave up on in the past. HGL! was initially another attractor algorithm where one particle is attracted to a certain point and heads towards that destination point. The early version of the algorithm didn't really generate any interesting images. Just a bunch of scriggly lines on the screen.

About 2 years after the initial sketch, I revisited the piece and made some changes. The first change I did was I increased the number of particles by a factor of 20000. The second change was I added more destination points. The third change was I made each particle go from one destination point to the other rather than randomly picking one of the destination points and heading over there.

The surprising aspect of the piece were the 3D images that it seems to generate. Not all iterations generated 3D illusions but some of them did. After the revelation, I focused the code to increase the chances of generating the 3D images. The results impressed me a bit:




Hey Good Looking

Hey Good Looking

More images can be found at this Flickr! Set

Friday, October 10, 2008


I have never considered myself an artist before. In fact, I felt some shame for thinking that I am one that qualifies as an artists. I considered myself more of a programmer who indulges in making "pweety pictures" with his computer. I consider the people I look up to as artist but I feel really weird whenever someone tells me that I can consider myself an artist since I am no longer an admirer of someone's work but a contemporary of their work.

My old friend, Chris Soprano(a phenomenal illustrator) hammered that point to me and I guess I will concede. To that end, I changed the link on the front page of my site from "About the Programmer" to "About the Artist."

Sheez, I still feel awkward seeing myself in that light.

Snap To Grid

I will be participating in the Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts' Snap To Grid group exhibition from October 9th to November 1st, 2008.

TodaysArt08 Processing Light Exhibition


TodaysArt 2008: Processing Light
September 26-27, 2008
The Hague, Netherlands

I was given the opportunity by Maxalot's Max Ackermann to participate in The Hague's TodaysArt08 Festival. TodaysArt08 is a 2 day long indoor and outdoor celebration that features artists and artisans from all over the world. Invited generative artists for the Processing Light exhibit had their beautiful works displayed on the side of the Hague's Central Station building.

Artists invited are Neil Banas, Dextro, Eno Henze, Tina Frank, Marius Watz, Pedro Mari(defetto), Quayola, CEB Reas, Toxi, Lia, and Mike Paul Young

Never in any of my thoughts would I have dreamt of the possiblity of seeing any of my work in such a large format as a building wall. Due to work circumstances, I was not able to see the finished product myself although I think it would have been super to see mine and other people's work projected onto the side of the station. Maxalot and Dextro were kind enough to provide us with these candilicious images for our enjoyment. The following are images of an HTorsion image generated solely for the Processing Light exhibit.


(whee! my name in lights!)


(the large projectors used to project the images).

More images of HTorsion can be found here at my Flickr page:

Images of the other artists awesome work can be found at