Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wild Things

What The Wild Thangs Are

Wild Things java application, October 2009

This work is another application of the attractor program. It actually started off as a study of vector physics but as I started learning it, I started applying it right away.

The concept is simple. Random particles are generated on the screen. Each particle is attracted to the nearest attractor. As the particle heads towards the attractor, it may encounter a spinner particle. Spinner articles exerts a vector force on the particle causing the particle to spin around the Spinner.

Each attractor and Spinner has a corresponding twin so that there is a balanced set of particles on each side of the screen. When the particle gets between a certain distance to the attractor, it regenerates at a random coordinate.

Particles are coded to leave a trail of their path.

The intended results are to create an image that resembles a mask or face of some sort. My original intention was to create masks that would be used for Halloween.

The following are more sample images:

What The Wild Thangs Are

What The Wild Thangs Are